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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of scamping in English?

Define scamping. scamping synonyms, scamping pronunciation, scamping translation, English dictionary definition of scamping. n. 1. A rogue; a rascal. 2. A mischievous youngster. tr.v. scamped , scamp·ing , scamps To perform or make in a careless or inadequate way. scamp′er n....

What is a scamp?

Scamping is a term used by people that own a Scamp brand of camper. A scamp is a lightweight fiberglass camper made by Eveland, Inc. in Backus, MN, USA. Scamp… Continue Reading →

Why scamping in the initial stages of a project?

Scamping ideas in the initial stages of any project, big or small, has many benefits. The quick nature of scamping allows us to present more ideas without being too precious or refining our ideas too quickly in the initial stages. By sharing these initial loose sketches, we invite commentary.

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