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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a swindler take money from a victim?

The swindler is willing to share the money with the victim if the money is not claimed. Both the victim and the swindler agree to withdraw a substantial amount of cash from their respective bank accounts as a gesture of "good faith" to the other which will be held by a "trusted third party," usually a "lawyer friend" of the swindler.

What are some of the biggest scams in history?

From Ponzi to Madoff, you'll read about swindles that changed America. 30 of the biggest scams in modern history In 1849, police in New York City arrested a man named William Thompson.

Is the Dale a scam?

The Dale: A scam on 3 wheels In the 1970s, during the height of the gas crisis, a con artist named Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichaelcreated the 20th Century Motor Car Corporation and unveiled the Dale, which the company pitched as the answer to the fuel crisis.

How do you pull off a bank examiner swindle?

Vague description of the actual investment offering (no prospectus, or only a very sketchy one, etc.). At least two people are needed to pull off the bank examiner swindle. One person will stand near a customer (the potential victim) in a bank and secretly get his or her name, account number and account balance.

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