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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the 360 clinic?

Focused on Telehealth Services VACCINATIONS COST-FREE TESTING Schedule a Self-Administered COVID-19 Test or Vaccination Today! At 360, our mission is simple – provide, empower, inform, and treat. We are a dedicated group of caregivers, physicians, providers and community advocates that want to serve with a vision to care for all.

How many CVS urgent care centers use schedule360?

CVS Minute Clinic® Selects Schedule360® Healthcare Scheduling Software to Oversee Provider Shifts Across 1100 Locations. Minute Clinic® is an impressive, well-known healthcare operation with over 1100 Urgent Care Center locations and over 3000 Providers and clinical staff scheduled each day.

Is there a MinuteClinic in your area?

Your neighborhood MinuteClinic is the nearby location for getting affordable, quality care from providers trained to meet your family's health care need. Affordable pricing. Video consults with licensed MinuteClinic providers from the comfort of home.

What do you need to know about schedule360?

Schedule360® is a highly configurable, web-based scheduling software solution designed to automate and simplify the labor management processes of scheduling and staffing, regardless of the size of your organization or the complexity of your scheduling process.

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