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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a school newsletter?

Once you have the software in place, you will need to find a newsletter template to work with. A school newsletter template allows you to create your newsletter faster and keeps future newsletters looking consistent. Your template should have sections, spaces for images and articles, and spaces that are predefined for titles and headings.

What is a word newsletter template?

Word newsletter templates are very user friendly, with room for articles, photos, and more. Choose a newsletter template for an easy upgrade to increase your readership, month after month.

What are the main audiences for a school newsletter?

Your main audiences are generally the students in the community, parents of the students, and other adults within the community, school staff, and the local community. You next need to consider how you will get the newsletter out to everyone.

Can I work on my newsletter with an editorial team?

Working on your newsletter with an editorial team can also be more exciting and uncomplicated. You can share a link to your group’s working file and instantly access the design to view or edit changes in real-time. Each school newsletter template is ready to print.

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