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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schoology Frederick County?

Schoology is Frederick County Public Schools selected learning management system to support course management, mobile learning, communication and collaboration opportunities PK-12. During the school year, all teachers will use the Schoology gradebook.

What grades does Schoology show in the gradebook?

During the school year, all teachers will use the Schoology gradebook. Assignment grades will be visible for PK-12 while course averages will be available for Grades 6-12. This playlist of 10 videos covers many of the important functions that students will need to know when they start using Schoology. It covers:

What is the Schoology learning management system?

FCPS launched the Schoology learning management system (LMS) in the 2018-2019 school year. Schoology provides course management, mobile learning, and communication tools. It enables students, parents and teachers to engage with learning materials in a safe, secure, single sign-on environment.

Is Schoology safe and secure?

Schoology helps FCPS promote a safe and secure environment. Personal data currently stored within Schoology is used to create student accounts and to deliver instruction. As part of our contractual agreement, all user data is strictly prohibited from being sold, released or disclosed for any purpose not required by the contract.

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