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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Scotland hold an independence referendum by 2010?

In its manifesto for the 2007 Scottish Parliament election, the Scottish National Party (SNP) pledged to hold an independence referendum by 2010.

Is Scotland one step closer to independence?

May 10, 2021 1:32 PM EDT Scotland could be one step closer to becoming an independent country. The British government has been forced to play defense on calls for a second Scottish independence referendum, after the country’s main nationalist party secured an emphatic victory in elections for its devolved parliament on Friday.

Is Scottish independence back in the spotlight?

Yes, in September 2014, when Scottish voters were given the choice of staying in the UK or becoming an independent country. They backed staying the UK by 55% to 45%. Why is independence back in the spotlight? In truth, it has never really gone away.

What is the Scottish independence movement?

The independence movement consists of many factions with varying political views. The SNP wants Scotland to keep the monarchy (see personal union) and become an independent Commonwealth realm, similar to Canada, Australia or New Zealand. All of the other aforementioned pro-independence parties want Scotland to become an independent republic.

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