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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a majority for independence in Scotland?

A fifth survey for the Scottish Election Study’s Scottish Opinion Monitor (Scoop), puts Yes at 50.2% with “don’t knows” excluded. This is the first time in around a year that Scoop has found a majority for independence . The latest Times poll marks the sixth poll showing majority support for independence since the Supreme Court ruling.

What are the latest polling intentions for a Scottish independence referendum?

Further details of the latest voting intentions in relation to a Scottish independence referendum can be seen in the most recent individual polls: Redfield and Wilton(November 27) which placed the Yes side on 52% and the No side on 48%, post adjusting for undecided voters. Scottish independence polling over the last 45 years

What is the support for Scottish independence?

When undecided and non-voters are excluded in this particular poll, support for independence sits at 53% compared with 47% for the Union. READ MORE: Scottish independence support at 56%, Ipsos Mori poll finds

What happened to Scottish independence?

Indeed by the time that the Scot, Gordon Brown, became prime minister in 2007, support for Scottish independence had fallen back to 24%, its lowest level for over two decades. However after the Scottish National Party (SNP) formed a minority government in Edinburgh, support for Scottish independence started to grow again after 2007.

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