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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ScotlandShop in Albany County?

'From the “Land of Cakes” to the heart of the Capital Region, a retail hub for high-end Scottish goods called ScotlandShop has touched down in Albany County. Cue the bagpipes!" As soon as we settled on Albany as our new US home, we knew we had to design a tartan to represent the Scottish Community within Albany County.

Is Scotland Shop USA Open?

Scotland Shop USA is Now Open! Our new US base in Albany, NY is open for business! Visit our beautiful new store, full to the brim with our authentic Scottish products or book an appointment with our Tartan Team to discover your Clan or Family plaid. The Magnificent MacNeils are our Clan of the Month!

Where can I buy Tartans in NY?

Our very first American store at 678 Loudon Road in Albany County, NY houses our full collection, you can view samples of all the different fabrics and tartans we offer. We also offer a measuring service for our tailored garments, you can drop in or make an appointment online.

Where can I buy Scottish tartan plaid clothing?

ScotlandShop sells Scottish tartan plaid clothing and other goods made with wool from Scottish sheep. The store has more than 500 tartan options to choose from – each meant to represent a different Scottish clan – or customers can work with employees to design their own.

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