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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear your Scottish tartan?

The rule is, you wear the tartan of your father. There is only one clan affiliation in a family and women rescind their own clan association on marriage and adopt the clan of their husband. Alternately, if you aren't a stickler for rules you can wear whatever tartan you like (with a few exceptions). That's what I chose to do.

What tartan can the surname Miller wear in Scotland?

Therefore, if you have the surname Reid, we would recommend you wear the Robertson tartan. One of the most common Scottish surnames is Miller, which is actually a sept of MacFarlane. Similarly, Taylor is a sept of Cameron.

How to choose a tartan?

Choose the tartan color. If you wanted to wear a tartan slash, then you must have to select a tartan color in which you want to wear a mini tartan sash. However, there are more than 500 tartans available from hundreds of clans. You can choose those sashes which match with your outfits, a tattoo will be good.

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