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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the population of Scotland in 1921?

The 1921 census was due to be taken on 24 April; however, due to industrial unrest it was postponed until Sunday 19 June. The population of Scotland in 1921 was 4,882,497. The Census Act 1920 came in to effect before the 1921 census and is still the primary legislation for the delivery of the census in Scotland, England and Wales.

What is the 1921 census?

The release of the 1921 census provides a glimpse into the home and working lives of Scotland’s people 100 years ago, National Records of Scotland said today. Family-history website ScotlandsPeople has been updated to include over 9000 volumes of enumeration district books, comprising more than 200,000 images of 4.8 million individual records.

Will the 1921 Scottish Census still be released in 2022?

ScotlandsPeople has said that the 1921 Scottish census will still be released in 2022 despite concerns over the progress of the release. In June 2021 ScotlandsPeople, the official website for the National Records of Scotland (NRS), said that the census release, originally due in summer 2021, had been delayed until “the latter half of 2022”.

Why are census records important to Scotland?

Census records are a valuable source of genealogical information for Scotland because they list names, relationships, ages, places of birth, and marital statuses. The Scottish government has taken a census every ten years since 1801 except in 1941 (due to WWII). The censuses before 1841 were taken strictly for statistical purposes.

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