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Frequently Asked Questions

What does scratch actually teach?

Scratch teaches people how to code and introduces them to the complicated world of coding. What does Scratch actually teach? Scratch familiarizes users with basic programming concepts, such as variables, loops, conditional statements and procedures.

What is scratch facts?

Scratch History. Scratch began development in 2003 and was released to the public in 2007. ... Uses. Scratch is widely used in schools around the world as a means of introducing basic computer programming to children. Environment. ... Origin of the Word. ... Motto. ... Versions. ... Features. ... OS Permissions. ... ScratchJr. ... Notable Information. ...

What University created scratch?

ScratchJr was developed by the MIT Media Lab, that also developed Scratch, in cooperation with Tufts University and The Playful Invention Company. It was granted a $1.3 million from the National Science Foundation and raised additional funds on the Kickstarter platform.

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