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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play scratch?

Take your time playing it. Scratch just one symbol at a time. See how close you are getting to a win before you scratch the next one. If you buy multiple tickets in one go, don't play them all at once. Spread them out over a day. I know someone who spends a whole day playing a single ticket. She loves playing.

How to get Scratch 2.0?

Scratch 2.0 was written in flash, meaning that you cannot run it without flash. Now that flash is gone, there is no method to getting Scratch 2.0 besides someone completely rewriting it in HTML5 and JavaScript.

Is scratch free?

Yes! Scratch is a free software. Since its main purpose is to open doors to programming, MIT decided to put it available entirely at no cost. All you need to do is follow the instructions above and start using it for free.

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