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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download scratch in Windows 10?

First, go to Scratch official website; Then, at the “support” column, find the “download” option After that, check if your device matches their requirements

How can I download scratch following steps?

Steps Download Article 1 Open Scratch. You can open the Windows client from the Start Menu, the Mac client that's in the Applications folder, or you can launch the web version from and log in. If you don't have an account, you won't be able to save your Scratch online.

How to download Scratch (2.0)?

Step By Step Guide to download Scratch 2.0 for Windows 7 Step 1: Go to Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see the Resources section Step 3: Click on the Download option from the Resources section

Is Scratch Easy to learn?

scratch is a excellent programming language. along with sprites, backgrounds and separate code for each sprite scratch can be used as a language to educate young children about programming. it is simple and easy to learn. the categories are different colours, allowing easy identification.

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