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Frequently Asked Questions

What does scratch actually teach?

3 reasons to use Scratch across the curriculum Scratch enables students to create projects that express their ideas. ... Students can use Scratch to communicate ideas in many subject areas. ... Students develop fluency through exploration and experience.

What is the scratch test used for?

A scratch test is helpful when a person doesn't know what substance may be triggering his or her hives. During a scratch test, tiny drops of allergen extracts are scratched onto the skin. The doctor can identify allergies to pollen, animal dander, foods, drugs, and toxins if the skin becomes red, itchy, or swollen when exposed to them.

What is scratch in computer language?

Scratch is a computer programming language that is easy for beginners to use. It can be used to make all sorts of fun and interesting programs. In Scratch, programs are made by joining together colored blocks of instructions. These groups of blocks are called scripts. They tell characters on the screen what to do. The characters are called sprites.

What is scratch tutorial?

Scratch Tutorial: Scratch is a free programming language developed by MIT to make computer programming more accessible to children. Scratch can be used in a variety of subjects including mathematics, ICT and even the sciences to simulate a virtual experiment and produce data which can be exported to Excel.

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