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Frequently Asked Questions

How is admission in SD College Chandigarh done?

Admission Procedure in SD College, Chandigarh is done on the basis of entrance examination PUCET and merit in the qualifying examination. Candidates can apply for a centralized or non-centralized admission form online through the official website of the college.

Who is the founder of SD College Chandigarh?

Roshan Lal Verma was the founder Principal of SD College Chandigarh, who dedicated his entire life for setting up the institution.

Are there hostels in SD College Chandigarh?

SD College Chandigarh offers hostel facilities to both boys and girls along with all the basic amenities needed by the students. They try to give a home like an environment to the students who live away from their home for study purpose. Each hostel is equipped with bed, fans, curtains, study tables and much more.

Can a non Chandigarh student go to GGDSD College?

Punjab University has centralized admiasion for Students give first preference to GGDSD College. At my time in 2014 cut off for admission was 95.4% for non Chandigarh students. Non Chandigarh students have only 15% seats in Punjab University. So it is difficult for non Chandigarh students to get admission in GGDSD college.

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