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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best seasoning for salmon?

This homemade fish seasoning mix works well with any fish but I personally use it mainly for white fish (sea bream, sea bass, halibut, cod, …). When cooking salmon, I like to use Lemon Dill Compound Butter (here is a recipe for Grilled Salmon Foil Packets ). You have two options.

How much fish seasoning do you use?

For fish fillets I use about ¾ of a teaspoon per fillet. Now this may vary slightly as you can have larger or smaller pieces, so I suggest you generously sprinkle this homemade fish seasoning over each fillet. For whole fish (1.5 pounds/600 grams in weight) I use about 1 tablespoon. What goes best with fish?

What is the best breading for fried fish?

7 Best Breading Mixes for Fried Fish Recipes 1 Golden Fish Fry Batter. Mix batter ingredients. ... 2 Light Fish Batter. ... 3 Buttermilk Fry Batter. ... 4 Dill Fish Batter. ... 5 Parmesan-Bread Crumb Batter. ... 6 Quick & Easy Beer Batter. ... 7 Long John Silver’s Style Fish Batter. ... 8 Tips for Tastier Battered Fish. ...

Is fish seasoning good for baked fish?

This is not only good seasoning for baked fish, but also for grilled or pan-roasted fish. Ready in 1 minute! Have you tried making fish seasoning at home? It is easy and you don’t need any fancy ingredients. See below more information about preparation, storage and use of this homemade fish seasoning. What seasoning is good for fish?

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