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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use Sentier?

Sentier is a research and design agency focused on user-centric and data-driven solutions to transform digital products, operational agility, and customer experience for organizations. I like to use Sentier when I have a particularly thorny research problem.

Who are First Sentier Investors?

We are a stand-alone asset management business and the home of investment teams Stewart Investors, FSSA Investment Managers and Realindex Investments. All our investment teams – whether in-house or individually branded – operate with discrete investment autonomy, according to their investment philosophies. Why First Sentier Investors?

What is the First Sentier Sustainability Institute?

To further First Sentier Investors’ commitment to sustainable investing, a new institute has been established with MUFG to promote a greater understanding how sustainability issues can impact long-term investment performance.

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