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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sentiero advanced?

Providing maximum flexibility and unparalleled functionality, the SENTIERO ADVANCED offers ABR, ASSR, EABR, ECochG, OAE, air and bone & speech audiometry AND with the SENTIERO ADVANCED Tymp add-on, Class 1 and 2 Tympanometry, providing test capabilities for your clinic in one device.

What is sentieo?

Sentieo is a financial and corporate research platform that empowers competitive investors and corporations to rapidly and confidently discover the insights they need to win. How Does the Sentieo Platform Drive Insights?

What is included in the Sentiero advanced (100340-ed)?

The standard SENTIERO ADVANCED (part number 100340-ED) configuration is supplied with Binaural ABR for both Screening and Diagnostic testing and includes choice of insert earphones or headphones ,electrode cable, bag of 30 electrodes, manual, charger, USB cable, carrying case and MIRA PC Software.

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