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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Seth small?

Seth Small began his career when he was playing football at his high school. As a senior, he earned a dozen field goals and went 68 for 70 on extra points in his final prep season. He also earned a career-long of the 50-yard field as a junior.

Who is Texas A&M kicker Seth small?

Enter Seth Small, the Texas A&M kicker who had a chance to take down the Crimson Tide at Kyle Field on Saturday night. From just 28 yards out, Small did just that, giving the Aggies a much-needed 41-38 victory and helping head coach Jimbo Fisher become the first former Nick Saban assistant coach to ever beat Nick Saban.

Who is Seth small’s grandfather Richard?

As Ricardo Small notes, Seth’s grandfather Richard was a “Gringo from upstate New York.” Texas A&M senior placekicker Seth Small, whose grandmother is from Guanajuato, Mexico, and father is from Mexico City, dons a sombrero at his second birthday party.

Who is Seth Lee House wife Rachel House small?

Not only his fans but also his family watched his outstanding performance and were emotional and happy. Seth is married to Rachel House Small. She went to Denton High School and is currently attending Texas A&M. Along with that, she was a former host at Gulf Coast Burger Co.

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