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Frequently Asked Questions

What is setlists?

Setlists puts your entire song catalog into one simple app for your iPad or iPhone. Organize your songs into sets and prompt the lyrics and chords during live performance on multiple devices for everyone in the band.

How do I order songs in the setlist?

Order songs easily by dragging and dropping them in the setlist. Setlist helper is available for your Android or Apple device.

What is ‎setlist helper?

‎Setlist helper provides musicians and performers alike an easy way to organize songs and lyrics into setlists for performance or practice. Replace your songbook by putting all your lyrics into Setlist Helper. This app is great for Musicians, worship organizations, professional speakers, concert goer…

How much does setlists cost?

Setlists is a free download, so you can see why so many use Setlists as their song organizer and lyric prompter of choice. With a one-time in-app purchase, you can unlock all of the unlimited and advanced features Setlists has to offer. [1] Store information about every song in your catalog.

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