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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Institute on Aging?

Institute on Aging provides personalized care for aging adults in the comfort of their own homes. Certified clinicians supervise caregivers who work one-on-one with clients. The expert caregivers and program directors meet clients and their families to design and implement a personalized home care plan.

How do I submit tar to the Institute on Aging?

Address TAR submittals to Institute on Aging with subject line, “TAR Submittal” to one of the following: All providers in the IOA service areas must enter into a contract with Institute on Aging to continue providing care for waiver members.

What is Sofia care and senior corps?

SoFIA Care meets the needs with training, rapid response programs, and advocacy. Senior Corps is a national network of volunteer programs for people 55 years and older. SoFIA’s volunteers address community needs including academic mentoring, elderly care, and veteran support.

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