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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shailene Woodley pregnant?

SHAILENE Woodley has fans confused and speculating she’s pregnant or recently gave birth after she shared a photo of baby feet. The 29-year-old actress, who’s engaged to Aaron Rodgers, posted the simple black-and-white snap without any caption or context, leaving followers to wonder what it could all mean. 4

Did Shailene Woodley just have her first child with Aaron Rodgers?

Shailene Woodley either just welcomed her first child with fiance Aaron Rodgers, or she’s really good at confusing her Instagram followers because the actress’ fans were left feeling perplexed after she randomly shared an image of baby feet on Sept. 9.

Does Shailene Woodley hold a baby bottle?

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers: hold my baby bottle," joked one excited fan. And if Woodley is the parent of a beautiful little child, perhaps she can get some parenting tips from her Divergent co-star Theo James, who became a proud father for the first time himself just three weeks ago.

Does Tyron Woodley have a baby in here?

In the photo, the model’s hand is on Woodley’s stomach in a possible “there’s a baby in here” way, according to The Cut. But no one looked pregnant in the flurry of social media photos that emerged in late May, when Woodley and Rodgers were with Teller and Sperry on vacation in Maui.

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