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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content type syndication hub?

A content type hub enables you to publish SharePoint content types across a farm. You can use a content type hub to centrally manage key content types that you want to use in multiple site collections. To create a content type syndication hub, we recommend that you create a site collection for that purpose.

How to configure content type hub in SharePoint 2019?

To configure Content Type Hub in SharePoint 2019, you should do the following: It’s strongly recommended to create a dedicated site collection as a Hub site collection to create, publish, and manage content type. Activate Missing Content Type Syndication Hub Feature in the Site Collection Features.

How to re-use content types in SharePoint Online?

To provide the ability to re-use them across different site collections in the tenant and standardize them, we’ve to use the content type hub. The Content Type Hub is a centralized location to manage content types in SharePoint Online. A content type hub is a special site collection configured to provide content types to other site collections.

What is a content type hub in Salesforce?

What is a Content Type Hub? A Content Type Hub is a site collection with the Content Type Syndication Hub feature activated. When activated, content types created in that site collection can be published in all site collections in that environment (as long as the feature is activated).

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