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Frequently Asked Questions

What Clippers do you use for shaving your head?

If you want to buy a hair clipper to shave off your head completely, Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper 8110 is the reasonable choice for you. This corded/cordless hair clipper is specifically designed to remove all of your head hair. The clipper comes with many brilliant features that make sure that you get your desired look.

What Clippers do barbers use?

Skilled barbers use high end hair clippers to do all of the heavy work. Clippers can be used to cut off large amounts of hair and create a certain style. With different blades, attachments, and techniques, hair clippers can create a unique style that is all your own. Hair clippers aren’t just for barbers anymore.

What is the best beard trimmer?

Best corded beard trimmer. Wahl Professional Peanut. A cordless beard trimmer can never match the performance of a corded trimmer and, according to experts, the Wahl Professional Peanut is the top choice. It's sturdy, durable, versatile and works well for home use or for travel.

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