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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use instead of shaving cream?

If you cannot find a shaving cream at the nearest local store, you can use olive oil instead. It is very helpful for easy shaving and the oil can also moisturize the skin. Aside from olive oil, hair conditioner is also a good substitute for shaving cream. This product is very helpful to avoid having razor burns.

How do you make slime with shaving cream and glue?

Directions In a large bowl combine glue and shaving cream, mix well. Add food coloring if you want to a mix again until well combined. Add contact solution and work it into the slime mixture with your spoon and then with your hands well until it is not sticky any longer.

Why do you need to use shaving cream?

Shaving cream is a substance applied to the skin to facilitate removal of hair. Shaving cream softens and moistens the skin and the hair, thus making shaving more comfortable and contributing to smoother skin.

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