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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good shaving mug?

Modern "regular" shaving mugs are generally mass-produced (some are really just repurposed coffee mugs ). The better ones will be relatively tall (but not too tall!) and wide on the bottom to promote easy loading on the brush. A really good "do-it-yourself" solution is a large latte' or soup cup.

Do I need a shaving mug?

Of course there is no need to out and purchase a mug specifically designed for shaving, you probably have something in your house that will perform the task just as well. I find that a mug or a bowl with a larger opening works better than one with a small mouth.

What is an occupational shaving mug?

Shaving mugs are generally of two basic categories: those made for home use, and those for use in barbershops. Mugs with decorations of the mug owner's trade or business are call occupational mugs; those with symbols of the owner's club or secret society are called fraternal mugs.

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