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Frequently Asked Questions

What are skin tags and how do you get rid of them?

Skin tags can be easily removed in the doctor's office by tying or cutting them after injecting a small amount of a local anesthetic. Freezing, a technique sometimes used to remove warts or other benign lesions of the skin, is also sometimes performed for the removal of skin tags.

What causes a skin tag to be painful?

If a skin tag is twisted on its stalk, a blood clot can develop within it and the skin tag may become painful. Doctors can recognize a skin tag easily by looking at it.

How do skin tags spread?

Skin tags mainly appear on older men and women. Molluscum is spread through bodily contact. If someone has molluscum contagiosum on the genitals, it can be sexually transmitted, while skin tags can also occur on the genitals, they cannot be passed on through sexual intercourse.

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