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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shave wood?

Use a hand plane to shave pieces from wood surfaces that are generally flat. Hand planes are used to make a piece of wood level across its entire surface when used along the grain of the wood.

Can I use wood shavings in a hamster cage?

You can use wood , paper, Aspen Shavings, soft fabric, and newspaper. You should use materials that can absorb moisture and without any harmful chemicals. It will be a challenge if it is your first time with your hamster. With proper bedding hamster cage look appealing and complete.

What are wood shavings good for a hamster?

Now in view of hamsters using wood shavings, let you understand the benefits of using wood shavings. Pine shavings have the function of keeping warm, absorbing odor and cleaning. For small mammals, keeping warm is very important, especially for hamsters, which have less fur and are very sensitive to the outside temperature.

Are aspen wood shavings good or OK for hamsters?

Some can be dangerous to the health of your hamster either due to natural components of the wood or the way it is cut or treated. Aspen shavings are best for a hamster's bedding as they are scent and oil free and also highly absorbent of liquid and odor.

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