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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural of sheath?

The plural form of sheath is sheaths . Find more words! Installation is a breeze, and they even provide you with enough in the way of sheaths to keep your cables tidy if you need to. These replicate the sheaths that, like the insulation around a bundle of electrical wires, surround nerves in the body.

What is the opposite of sheath?

Sheath antonyms - 15 Opposites of Sheath. hazard. risk. surface. interior. jeopardy. peril. bare. disburse.

What is the Latin word for sheath?

With particular thanks to Jack Lyons, MD. Vagina - The basic meaning of the Latin word vagina was a sheath – or scabbard for a sword. By association, Gladius (sword) was a common term for the penis. Clitoris – is borrowed directly from kleitoris, a Greek word for both a door-tender and the female organ.

What does sheath knife mean?

Sheath knife. A sheath knife is a fixed bladed knife that fits in an either leather or material sheath for protection of the knife and carrier.

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