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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the femoral sheath?

The femoral sheath itself is an extension of transversalis and iliopsoas fascia that encloses the proximal parts of the femoral vessels 3-4 cm inferior to the inguinal ligament. This composition accounts for how retroperitoneal hematomas may develop in instances of femoral vascular injury (iatrogenic or other).

What does sheath knife mean?

Sheath knife. A sheath knife is a fixed bladed knife that fits in an either leather or material sheath for protection of the knife and carrier.

What is sheath clothing?

A sheath was a piece of clothing, often strapped to the waist, which held a knife when not in use. Some sheaths are equipped with sharpening hardware to ensure the weapon is always sharp.

What is a sheath tumor?

A nerve sheath tumor is an abnormal growth within the cells of this covering. Nerve sheath tumors such as neurofibromas and schwannomas are mostly benign, but malignant nerve sheath tumors can be serious and require prompt treatment.

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