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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shein good quality?

With that being said, SHEIN always makes sure that their products are worth buying for, with its seamless stitches, good quality of the fabrics used, and its endless styles and designs. Some commented that it is not the high-end brand to guarantee an excellent quality, some were surprised as the quality of what they purchased is of good quality.

Is Shein good quality clothes?

The bottom line is: Shein has affordable, trendy clothes that may or may not be good quality. They are a legitimate company, but the quality of the clothes you receive is a little bit of a gamble. Their customer service also doesn’t have the best reputation.

Is Shein worth it?

Is Shein Clothing Worth It? Shein reviews are clearly mixed, and quality seems to be the trade-off for low prices . On the plus side, the clothes are always trendy and great for stocking up a bunch of stylish outfits.

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