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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shein a public company?

While privately-held Shein does not publicly disclose its annual revenues, analysts have estimated that it generates sales of at least $5 billion per year, which would put the company in the crosshairs of the MSA, which applies to commercial organizations with an annual global turnover of at least £36 million ($50.05 million) that do business in the UK.

Is Shein an American company?

Founded in China, Shein has become popular with teens in the US. Consumers' preferences, priorities, and values are reshaping industries. If you're not familiar with Shein, an online fast-fashion retailer based in China, odds are you're not a teenage girl.

Is sheinside a legit website?

No, we cannot confidently say that is legit based on SheInside clothing reviews and our own research into the site. This review should help customers understand the trend of scam online clothing websites, and hopefully we have helped you learn how to avoid this trend.

Is Shein reliable?

Both retail shoppers and wholesalers have discovered that Shein is a reliable website, most of the time (just look at the reviews), that is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. This company has committed itself to becoming one of the world’s largest online fashion stores as quickly as possible...

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