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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy Cheng Shin tires?

Cheng Shin Rubber, which does business as Maxxis or CST Tires in some areas, distributes tires to nearly 170 countries and has been certified for every major international safety and manufacturing standard. With operation centers in more than a dozen countries, quality Cheng Shin tires are never far from your doorstep.

How can I contact Shin Cheng?

Shin Cheng Welcome to Shin Cheng. If you want contact to peering or IP transit, you can write down mail to: admin[at] You can visit to our products 1. vCenter Cloud 1. CloudIX(soon) Copyright © 2016- 2018 Shin Chengof Digital Co., Ltd.

Do Cheng Shins have a shelf life?

But unlike typical performance tires with a short shelf life, you can get season after season out of your next set of Cheng Shins.

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