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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Shirley Chisholm do in the 1970s?

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm became in 1968 the first African American woman elected to Congress. Four years later in 1972, she launched a bid to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, another first for an African American woman.

How did Shirley Chisholm become the first black woman in Congress?

Chisholm thereby became the first black woman elected to Congress, and was the only woman in the freshman class that year. The Speaker of the House assigned Chisholm to serve on the House Agriculture Committee. Given her urban district, she felt the placement was irrelevant to her constituents.

Does 2019 belong to Shirley Chisholm?

By the fiftieth anniversary of Chisholm entering Congress, the New York Times was headlining "2019 Belongs to Shirley Chisholm", saying that "Chisholm was a one-woman precursor to modern progressive politics" and that she was "enjoying a resurgence of interest 14 years after her death".

Did you know that Shirley Chisholm survived three assassination attempts?

Shirley Chisholm became the first major-party African American candidate to make a bid for the U.S. presidency when she ran for the Democratic nomination in 1972. Did You Know? Shirley Chisholm survived three assassination attempts during her campaign for the 1972 Democratic nomination to the U.S. presidency. Who Was Shirley Chisholm?

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