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Why is it called a Shirley Temple drink?

In 1935, the Shirley Temple doll accounted for almost one-third of all doll sales, even though it cost three times as much as unlicensed dolls. Her iconic hairstyle was also imitated by many. And while there are conflicting accounts of the drinks origin, the Shirley Temple drink is also named after the child star.

How old was Shirley Temple when she started her career?

Child actress Shirley Temple began her career in 1932, at the age of three. On her 10th birthday, a bartender at Beverly Hills restaurant Chasen's is said to have created a non-alcoholic cocktail to serve to her while she dined with her parents and older celebrities.

Why did Shirley Temple drink a maraschino cherry?

Reportedly, Temple was “ whining ” over her parents sipping old-fashioneds, which also come with their offshoot’s signature maraschino cherry, and so the waitstaff mixed up a teetotal version for her.

Why did Shirley Temple sue the soda company?

In 1988, when there were attempts to market a bottled soda bearing the name “Shirley Temple,” she brought civil lawsuits claiming that her name was not a generic term, and that using it as such was an invasion of her privacy. As she told the New York Times at the time: “All a celebrity has is their name.”

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