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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a T shirt on Roblox?

Upload your image. Log into the ROBLOX website, and in the top left, click on Develop. In the side bar next to your created games, click T-Shirts. Shirts are different, so make sure you don't mix up the terms. Click on "choose file". Select the template you have saved and edited. Name your design.

How do you create clothes on Roblox?

Find the file saved on your computer. Click “Create Shirt” or “Create Pants” to upload your template to Roblox. Return to the character customization screen. Find your new T-shirt, shirt or pants in the appropriate category under “My Wardrobe.” Choose “Wear” to have your character wear the new clothes.

What are the dimensions of a Roblox shirt?

But, you have to remember that Shirt and pant file should be exact dimension which has 585 pixels as its width, and 559 pixels as its tall. Then, you can upload it and use it in Roblox.

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