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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shirts do men wear in Cuba?

A line of one of a kind casual button up Cuban shirts for men. Made of Linen, cotton or blend these bold tropical inspired styles are simple & classic. Sort By…

Where did the Cuban shirt originate from?

A: Popularised in the US in the 1900s, the iconic Cuban shirt has its origins in 18th century South America where back in the day, it served as a uniform for working-class men. It took the fashion world by storm in the 1950s, becoming somewhat of a wardrobe staple with celebrities like Elvis Presley seen wearing this popular collared shirt.

What is a Cuban guayabera shirt?

As you’d expect from a traditional Cuban inspired shirt, it features an open collar and hem with side vents for the ultimate in comfort. A sharp and stylish choice, this premium cotton and polyester mix shirt from the label JD Apparel is designed in the classic Cuban Guayabera style.

What is a Cuban collar shirt made of?

Made from a Rayon and Polyester mix, this Cuban Collar shirt is easy to care for and can be washed and tumble dried for your convenience. It’s designed in a relaxed and comfortable Heritage style fit that’s easy to wear, delivering the perfect blend between smart and casual.

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