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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the French clothing brands located?

The French clothing brand is located in the heart of Paris, where studios and ateliers conceive the collections. A unique know-how for a certain idea of French allure is recognized all around the world.

Where can I find made in France products?

DISCOVER FROG AVENUE FROG Avenue, the Made in France shop. You will find all your fashion items and all your accessories. Design and quality are the watchwords of the brand. Through the know-how of our French confectioners, your silhouette will have a classic chic style.

Are Breton shirts made in France?

Our authentic Breton shirts are made in France and French sizing does run petite. We recommend sizing up if you are unsure. The authentic heavyweight breton shirts are structured, giving you a crisp clean silhouette. The lightweight breton tops are more relaxed and mould more to the contours of your body.

What does high-quality toys made in France mean?

High-quality toys made in France means not only fully safety tested and child safe, but also gives an opportunity for progress creativity of children. This is a list of French high quality toys, games and kids stuff made in France and online connection to their e-shops.

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