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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are shirts made in the USA?

These brands outsource to other factories in the USA: Mercer & Sons, Liberty Shirt Company, and Bills Khakis. We also know of brands that make some their shirts in the USA and import their other shirts. 1. Todd Shelton Todd Shelton shirts are cut, sewn and shipped in the brand’s East Rutherford, New Jersey factory.

Where are high bar shirts made?

The shirt factory located in Newark and the brand closed. High Bar Shirt Co. operates one of the oldest shirt factories in America in Newark, New Jersey. Family owned and operated since 1933, the company produces high quality, made in USA shirts for dress and casual wear.

What kind of cotton is used for American made shirts?

This iconic shirt is constructed with American-grown supima cotton and has been offered for generations. This made in USA shirt is available for men and women, in exceptionally soft and remarkably strong cotton, with rich color that resists fading.

Are We a boutique shirt maker?

We are, and will always be, a boutique shirt maker rather than a mass producer. Try our made to order program which allows you to choose from a selection of fine fabrics and customize our shirts, ties or trousers with a range of style and fit options.

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