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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy wholesale clothes made in Turkey?

TURKOPT.COM online wholesale store. In our web showcases you will find only trendy and high quality clothes "made in Turkey" from best wholesale boutiques and manufactories of Istanbul! We represent vogue designs of more than 150 turkish clothing brands and looking for strong long-term cooperation with international customers!

Why choose turkopt wholesale clothes boutique?

You can find actual fashion trends, a vast variety of comfort wear, fast order gathering all in one in turkopt wholesale clothes boutique. If you are looking for cheap online shopping, then our wholesale website is the best choice! We keep abreast of ladies' fashion and offer the newest clothing models.

What is the best way to ship to Turkey?

Another good approach is to ship orders using the Turkish postal service PTT. It's fast and cheap enough. You can use our simple shipping calculator for PTT to find out shipping costs to your country.

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