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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are shirts made in the USA?

These brands outsource to other factories in the USA: Mercer & Sons, Liberty Shirt Company, and Bills Khakis. We also know of brands that make some their shirts in the USA and import their other shirts. 1. Todd Shelton Todd Shelton shirts are cut, sewn and shipped in the brand’s East Rutherford, New Jersey factory.

Are there any British companies that make good quality fashion clothing?

It is out there and we are finding more and more companies manufacturing excellent quality fashion clothing.You will find some brilliant companies on this site and the numbers will begin to grow as we discover more classic British Brands. Welcome to BD Garments Based in Belfast NI BD Garments is a leading manufacturer of…

What kind of clothing is made in the USA?

Bamboosa (Culver City, CA): tops, yoga wear and intimates made from a bamboo/cotton blend fabric. Apparel for men, women and baby. Diamond Apparel (Mocksville NC): mock turtlenecks made in USA (golf polo shirts and other products now imported).

What fabrics are used to make custom shirts?

Shirts are handmade using a range of fabrics and patterns. The brand uses only premium all-cotton poplins, flannels and cashmere fabrics, sourced from countries with similar environmental and ethical standards as the US.

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