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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 100% custom fit shirts?

Standard sizes can only fit so well, and tend to fit some people much better than others. That’s why we developed 100% custom fit shirts. Until now, made to measure shirts have been extremely expensive and time consuming. Now you can buy custom tailored shirts easier than ever before.

Can I order additional made-to-measure shirts?

Once we have your measurements and have confirmed that your shirt fit is perfect, you can order additional made-to-measure shirts that fit you perfectly online! Of course, your Outfitter is always available for any questions or advice. Everything Considered.

How can I customize my dress shirts?

Custom fitting shirts as they are all made to measure. You can add your initials into your dress shirts. Add the text and select the position where you want it to appear. You will find the custom monogram options for your shirt in the last step of the 3D designer.

What do you love most about custom-tailored dress shirts?

The thing we love most about custom-tailored dress shirts, besides the perfect fit, is the endless possibilities that comes with it. From contrast fabrics to embroidery and buttons, creating a custom-tailored dress has never been more exciting.

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