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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Make my T-shirt bigger?

Make your shirts bigger by stretching them or using the sewing machine, depending on your skill level. If you do know how to make clothes, these t shirt hacks may even help you create a DIY tank top from an old t-shirt. Don’t shell out tons of money for new clothes! Upcycled shirts are the easiest way to keep your favorites around and save big.

How should a muscular man’s t-shirt fit?

One mistake muscular men make is sizing up to find a shirt that fits in the shoulders, then ending up with a shirt that’s way too long. This visually lengthens your torso and shortens your legs, which isn’t a flattering look. So make sure your t-shirt ends right around mid-fly. Here are some solid t-shirts to choose from…

How to upsize a T-shirt?

Another easy option to upsize your favorite t-shirts is to turn them into a shirt patch. This project is ideal if your shirt design is close to the neckline or for making a kid’s Marvel t-shirt into an appropriate size. Find a plain new shirt in the same color as your too-small shirt.

How do you know if a shirt is too big?

If the shoulder seam is down on your triceps, the shirt is too big. T-shirt length varies a lot between brands. My rule of thumb is to have my shirt end where my back pockets start. That gives enough length to keep your stomach covered when reaching up, but it’s short enough to provide a balanced look.

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