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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure for sigvaris compression stockings?

How To Measure For Sigvaris Compression Stockings. To find out the length you need, measure your leg from the top of your thigh down to your foot (points A to G) to find the length you need. For a pair of Sigvaris compression tights, measure points c, b and m, using the ‘Thigh For Tights’ measurement if applicable.

How do I know what size compression stockings I Need?

Measure the length of your leg from the bottom of your knee down to your foot (points A to D) to find the length you need. For a thigh high Sigvaris compression stocking, measure points c and b as well as the circumference of your thigh at its thickest point (point m), using the ‘Thigh’ measurement in the table if applicable.

Are compcompression socks FDA approved?

Compression socks and compression stockings have an impact on your wellbeing, so only purchase a product made by a manufacturer that meets high standards of performance. Because the FDA classifies compression hosiery as a medical device, we're registered as a medical device manufacturer. The FDA conducts audits of our facilities.

How do I measure myself for a sigvaris advance arm sleeve?

To measure yourself for a Sigvaris Advance arm sleeve, measure the circumference of your arm at points cF (the thickest part of your arm), cD (the middle of the forearm) and cC on the diagram. Match these measurements with the sizing table to find the correct size for you.

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