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Frequently Asked Questions

What is single-tracking?

This is called single-tracking: If your dog was trotting away from you in the snow, all you would see would be one single file of tracks. (Veterinarian and structure maven Chris Zink simulates this at her seminars, dipping a demonstration dog’s feet in chalk and having him gait over the floor.)

What is a tracking dog used for?

Tracking dogs have been used for their unparalleled smell for centuries, from the time of the Vikings who buried their hunting dogs with their owner, to their use in today’s modern military. A dog's olfactory system, the part of the brain which processes smell, is much higher than humans.

Do dogs track with their front or rear feet?

There are other variations of movement involving the front and rear legs. For example, some dogs will single track with their front feet and move wide apart with their rear feet. Sometimes this movement is reversed.

What kind of dog is best for tracking?

In some cases, good trackers have short legs, so their nose is closer to the ground where the scent is. Excellent breeds for tracking should be good listeners, strong-bodied, and obedient, while also having a lot of energy and stamina. Here are the top 11 dog breeds for tracking.

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