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Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies use singletrack CRM?

Employee-owned financial services firm, D.A. Davidson Companies harnessed the power of a specialised Capital Markets CRM by selecting Singletrack for their Equity Capital Markets and Fixed Income divisions.

What is singletrack and how does it work?

They developed Singletrack as a radical new approach to sell-side CRM, transforming the productivity of client engagement, roadshows and research distribution for institutional brokers, independent investment banks and research providers. Today, Singletrack continues to pioneer technology solutions for capital markets engagement.

What is single user CRM software?

Single user CRM software is primarily used by people working alone, including sole traders, private consultants and independent business owners. Single user CRM solutions provide users with the flexibility and scalability to deal with a growing organization.

What is streak CRM used for?

Streak is an intuitive CRM solution that offers simple collaboration and CRM features. Users can collaborate with a single click, easily share contacts, email, files and provides everything needed to get the job done. How is single-user CRM software used?

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