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Frequently Asked Questions

How do scientists figure out the size of the universe?

By using the Hubble Constant, we can calculate where the origin of those photons are now, and the answer is staggering - 46 billion light-years away! That means the "known universe" is 92 billion light-years in diameter!

How is the size of the universe determined?

Scientists measure the size of the universe in a myriad of different ways. They can measure the waves from the early universe, known as baryonic acoustic oscillations, that fill the cosmic microwave background. They can also use standard candles, such as type 1A supernovae, to measure distances.

What is the size of the entire universe?

The large magnitude of the universe is unimaginable to us humans. To see how big the universe is, take this into perspective: the diameter of the entire solar system is about 8,000 million kilometers. The universe itself is about 1026 meters.

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