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Frequently Asked Questions

What is size_T type in C?

In this article, we will discuss size_t type which is an unsigned integer memsize type which can hold objects of any type having maximum size and is obtained from C or C++ standard library which is a returned type of sizeof operator along with different string functions.

What is the use of size_t in C?

size_t data type in C. The datatype size_t is unsigned integral type. It represents the size of any object in bytes and returned by sizeof operator. It is used for array indexing and counting. It can never be negative.

What is the use of sizeof in C++?

This type is used to represent the size of an object. Library functions that take or return sizes expect them to be of type or have the return type of size_t. Further, the most frequently used compiler-based operator sizeof should evaluate to a constant value that is compatible with size_t.

Is it possible to get the largest size t value in C++?

Although this code doesn't have Undefined Behavior, this code is ugly - in C++ you should use std::numeric_limits<size_t>::max () and in C use SIZE_MAX macro for exactly a purpose of getting the largest size_t value. Some library methods intentionally return (size_t) (-1) to indicate an error condition.

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