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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between sizes 22 and 3x?

Depending upon the store, there usually will not be a big difference between a 22 and 3x. Because the 3x is cut for several sizes -- 22 to 24 -- it will probably be larger than a 22, which is a more precise size.

What are the differences between Big, Tall, Big?

Key Difference - Big vs Tall Big and tall are two adjectives that are used to describe the size of things. Big refers to the overall size of something whereas tall refers to the height of something. Big can be used with people and objects whereas tall is specially used with people.

What size is 27 in jeans?

A size 27 in jeans is a women’s size 4 to 5 in U.S. sizes. The 27 is the waist measurement. Jean sizes vary considerably from country to country and sometimes by brand or style. There are two jean sizing scales in the United States.

What waist size is a size 0?

All sizes really depends from store to store but generally, Size 0 is anywhere from 22-24 waist (Most places have it at 23 inches).

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