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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a sea snake a bad snake or not?

The Belcher sea snake is the most poisonous sea specie since its venom is 100 times more deadly than the most poisonous terrestrial species. Still, it is not dangerous for humans as they hardly bite and when it does, it doesn't release all their venom. This means that only one quarter of all bitten humans will be poisoned.

What is the genus and species of a snake?

A Giant in a Genus of Small Snakes. Perhaps the most specious genus of snakes is Atractus (Family Dipsididae) with about 130 species. Atractus are commonly known as ground snakes, and tend to be small to medium snakes that feed on earthworms, arthropods, and mollusks.

What are all the species of snakes?

As indicated above, snakes are divided into two main infraorders; Alethinophidia and Scolecophidia. Alethinophidia is further divided into 19 families Colubridae (the largest with 1,866 species), Elapidae (359 species), Viperidae (341 species), Lamprophiidae (314 species), Boidae (60 species), and Uropeltidae (55 species).

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