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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Snake River Farms located?

Welcome to Idaho! Snake River Farms is located in southeast Idaho along the Snake River plain, affording gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains in surrounding Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The Nez Perce tribe that lived here were the first breeders of the "spotted horse", named Appaloosa by the white settlers for a nearby river.

Where to buy Snake River Farms meat?

Where to buy Snake River Farms meat? If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that has grocery stores that sell Snake River Farms meat, then you won’t have to fork out for shipping. If not, you can purchase a wide range of quality meat products on the Snake River Farms website here .

Who owns Snake River?

John Erickson is a livestock producer who owns range land in Roberts that borders the Snake River. His three hundred acres of grazing once sustained approximately 250 cow calf pairs now is only able to maintain about 25. The BLM manages an estimated hundred acres of bordering land that is in the same condition.

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